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The Best Films of Our Years

Published by Author House 2007

Dedicated to Tom Mohan, Doug Hilmer, Joe O’Regan – “my fellow Shakespeareans”

Every year from 1935, when he saw his first movie, until 2006 – Father Lee complied a list of the/his top ten pictures.

He begins with a list of 50 “black and white movies” made before his own movie-going began.

And concludes with the/his “Ten Best Films of our Years”

  1. Fifty famous films – from 1915 to 1934
  2. The 1930s
  3. The 1940s
  4. The 1950s
  5. The 1960s
  6. The 1970s
  7. The 1980s
  8. The 1990s
  9. The 1990s
  10. The 2000s
  11. The ten Best Films of our Years